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Whistler E-BikeTours

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WoodsEbike Tours Whistler


WoodsEbike was created where a group of us Whistler locals meet our summer guests- outside! 

 We’re expert guides, but otherwise, we’re just your average Joes(and Pats, Bills, Lyndas, Mikes, Tims) who were early adopters and are now enthusiasts of these wonderful new vehicles we know as e-bikes.  We’re not racers or gold medalists, and we don’t jump off high bluffs on our bikes.  At least not anymore.

So why do we host tours and teach clinics?  Because our town isn’t a secret anymore. The village is a great place to stroll, eat and shop, but with the millions of guests we now host, sometimes actual throngs fill up our village spaces, so we offer folks like you an opportunity to get out on the trails and enjoy the peaceful beauty of our mountains and valleys, forests and lakes.  It’s truly a unique way to explore and share some of our hidden treasures.  Sometimes we see single black bears or families of them munching away, and of course we also see youthful, active people and their dogs taking a walk or a swim.  While we exercise, we gaze at boats, seaplanes, helicopters, rivers, parks, golf courses, beaches and even dog beaches!  

E-bike touring is an eco-friendly adventure that can be enjoyed by just about anyone, and we choose to enjoy it a lot.  Really this is the kind of thing that brought us to Whistler in the first place.  And why we stayed.

It’s a natural.  We live to serve.  You’re going to love it.  Guided by locals.

E-Bike Experience Packages

We offer Four Amazing Tours Guided By Locals

Choose your bike

Mariner V2 is our latest foldable ebike,


Mariner V2 is our latest foldable e-bike, delivering premium design, tech, and performance at our most affordable price.


Premium components like hydraulic brakes, a powerful 500w motor, and a color LCD display with a USB charge port make Mariner V2 the complete package of practicality and high performance.

Outback Special Edition


Outback Special Edition combines the best of five years of eBike full suspension development. With its exclusive specs, the Outback offers the ultimate mix of trail and city biking.


Redesigned with a new frame, new suspension links, and RockShox rear suspension, this bike is guaranteed to make your heart beat faster.

Its powerful Bafang 500w motor paired with a 48v 17.5Ah Li-ion battery ensures your trip doesn’t end on an uphill climb.

Elegant V2 Grey


Elegant V2, The Elegant V2, is thoughtfully designed for optimal beauty plus lighter-weight, premium components.


With a full-range battery and a powerful rear hub motor at your fingertips, this bike punches above its weight yet have suspension front and back for the comfort you'll enjoy.

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Electric (E-bike) cycle tours

Looking for an adventure in Whistler? Look no further than Woodsebike We offer top-of-the-line e-bikes that will take you on a thrilling ride through the stunning Whistler mountains. With easy-to-use controls and powerful electric assistance, our e-bikes are perfect for riders of all levels. Don't miss out on the chance to explore Whistler in a whole new way with our mountain e-bike Tour packages.

Our New
E-bikes have arrived

Amidst pandemic, environmental and inflationary events, electric bikes are taking the world by storm. Canada’s diverse landscapes and beautiful trails set a perfect frame for electric bicycles. From Canada’s warm/wet coast, through the prairies, central Canada, Quebec and the East coast, even to Canada’s vast North, VoltBike got bikes in every province and territory. Our Tour bikes are The Best in Canada.

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